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I do treatments at home or at my treatment room, both are tucked away in a magical woodland in Ashwicke. It is a place where time stops, fresh air fills your lungs and bird song caress your heart. A perfect space to deeply relax, unwind and invite your body to heal. My treatment room is on the grounds of an off-grid campsite Campwell Woods, and my home is a lovely bright cabin in the woods nearby. I’m also available for a mobile massage when needed for a slightly higher fee.


Conscious Body therapies

Campwell Woods, Cherrywood, Oakford lane, Ashwicke, SN14 8FE

2 Moonshine cottages, Ashwicke, SN15 8AW

Contact Zuzana:

email: [email protected]

phone: 07874938942

Massage treatment Prices:
£40 / 30 min treatment
£65 / 60 min treatment
£85 / 90 min treatment

Special OFFER for July
Scar tissue release – first session donation only

Watch this space for updates on special offers, these might change each month

Scar tissue can be present in your body from surgical procedures, injuries, inflammatory conditions in your bowels or bladder, giving birth, endometriosis, etc. I work on scar tissue with myofascial release techniques, which are gentle and non invasive, because the body has amazing self-healing ability and only needs a little encouragement to do so. These techniques work deep into the body following connective tissue webbing, so we can reach areas deep within your body without touching them directly. We gradually release the adhesions your body created in order to stabilize the tissues around the scar, the tissue becomes softer, more supple, better hydrated and reintegrated into the rest of the system. Sometimes traumatic memories associated with the scar are held in the tissues and this work allows them to be released from your system. It doesn’t matter how old the scar is, as long as it is fully healed, we can work with it and achieve amazing results.