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Embodied YOGA

“When I stop for a moment the constant search and striving outside of myself, take a deep breath and tune into my body, I tune into what is already here right now. Rich inner world of feelings, sensations, some discomfort AND pleasure, endless abundance of experiences changing moment to moment. The beauty of my lungs breathing for me and my heart beating without any conscious effort on my side. The sensation of breath gently moving through me, cozy clothes touching my skin, the Earth underneath me firmly supporting me, holding me. As I hold my attention in parts of my body, they soften, become alive and tingly, as if they were speaking to me, joyful that I give them some attention and love. I can feel the life force flowing through me. An impulse to move arises, a delicious slow stretch, then feeling the gravity, I press my hands into the ground and load my weight on them, to feel my strength is so wonderful. Exploring with curiosity all the different shapes my body can take and how they make me feel. Opening up the spaces that have become contracted from too much sitting, feeling the tension trickle out of my body. I feel more myself again. I am alive. I am love. I am!”

This is why I love yoga, and this is the place from which I teach. To bring you this experience of how amazing it can feel to be you right now, and how easy it can be to shift your state of being. There are deeply relaxing moments and there are challenging moments too, but mostly because of your mind’s critical commentary. Even that is welcome, as an opportunity to know yourself and love yourself more. My classes are Hatha style yoga, with flowing sequences and moments of stillness, cultivating core strength, healthy alignment and connection to your breath. Sessions will leave you feeling refreshed and sooo relaxed, more spacious and connected, fully landed into your body and the beautiful woods around you.

I currently don’t teach a regular class, but I offer occasional classes, workshops or day events at Campwell Woods. Yoga takes place in the secluded Roundhouse,  a very unique, hand built and natural cobb building with living roof. Staying cool when the summer heat rises and warmed with a wood burning stove on cooler days it’s a perfect space.


Breath is life. We don’t think about it often, not realizing how restricted it can become when we are stressed. By consciously working with our breath we can transform our experience of ourselves, how we interact with life, calm our nervous system or energize the body. The session starts with gentle stretches to relax the ‘breathing muscles’ and open up the body, so deeper breath becomes available. It can then be focused either on learning different breathing techniques to destress, relax and energize, or you can go on a more intense breath journey that resets your nervous system and brings more clarity. I like to finish with guided meditation to fully harness the benefits of the breathwork and deeply relax.