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Whether you just want to unwind with a massage, release the tension from your body, soften into deeper connection with yourself, or you need help with a specific issue (e.g. injury, back pain, alignment, scar tissue, headaches,…) I can support you. My treatments will take you into blissful relaxation while working deep into the problematic areas. I draw on a wide range of modalities I am trained in, including myofascial release, holistic massage, sports therapy & rehabilitation, pregnancy massage & postnatal recovery and women’s health & scar tissue release.

I tend to include myofascial release in all my treatments, because of how deeply restorative and relaxing it is. It helps to calm the nervous system and soften the tension held in the tissues, thus preparing the muscles for deeper massage strokes. It is at the core of my therapeutic practice for treating specific issues and an amazing stand alone treatment too.