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Pregnancy Massage

I love supporting women on this beautiful life changing journey of becoming a mother. Every woman’s body has different needs in different trimesters and my treatments are adapted to what you are going through at the moment. I bring in massage, myofascial release, work on pressure points and energy holds, deep breathing and exercises, guided meditations, depending on what will support you the most.

  • Maybe you are at the beginning of your journey, when the sudden hormonal shift has a big impact on you, feeling nauseous, perhaps anxious… and all you need is to relax, ground, and soothe your nervous system. Release the tension you hold in your shoulders, slow down, breathe deeply, nourishing massage strokes or calming energy holds.
  • Or you are further along the journey, feeling the weight of your growing belly and experiencing tension or pain in your back, hips or shoulders, pelvic girdle instability or other discomforts. You want a treatment that will work deep into the problematic areas, while creating nurturing space for you to relax and replenish yourself. Receiving treatments in the months before birth can greatly relieve physical discomfort, and help you to tune into your body, connect deeply with your baby and deepen trust in your body’s wisdom
  • Perhaps you are someone who is very active, used to working out, and crave some deep work into your muscles while being mindful and safe for your baby. Or you would like to start strengthening and preparing your body to move through the pregnancy and birth with more ease and need some guidance with exercises and stretches that will support you.

Wherever you are at, feel free to get in touch with me to talk through your needs, how I could support you and answer any questions you might have.

Postnatal recovery

I am especially passionate about supporting women after giving birth. Your body has been through a lot, it needs time to rebuild and replenish itself, adapt to yet another change in hormones, while focusing all your energy on this gorgeous little human that demands so much of your attention. Our bodies are designed to do this, but sometimes they struggle to fully recover, especially if the birth was a traumatic experience in some way.

The postnatal treatments can be helpful during the weeks following your birth, but also months or even years later! If you feel your core has lost its strength and integrity, your back is hurting, experience any pelvic floor issues, or a c-section scar is starting to cause some pulling, burning or other unpleasant sensations, there is no need to suffer and push through. There are hands on techniques and exercises that can relieve your symptoms and completely rehabilitate your body.

Women’s health & Scar tissue release

Scar tissue can be present in your body from surgical procedures, injuries, inflammatory conditions in your bowels or bladder, giving birth, endometriosis, etc. I work on scar tissue with myofascial release techniques, which are gentle and non invasive, because the body has amazing self-healing ability and only needs a little encouragement to do so. These techniques work deep into the body following connective tissue webbing, so we can reach areas deep within your body without touching them directly. We gradually release the adhesions your body created in order to stabilize the tissues around the scar, the tissue becomes softer, more supple, better hydrated and reintegrated into the rest of the system. Sometimes traumatic memories associated with the scar are held in the tissues and this work allows them to be released from your system. It doesn’t matter how old the scar is, as long as it is fully healed, we can work with it and achieve amazing results.